Likya Yolu Haritaları, günceler, rota bilgileri, Likya Yolu GPS bilgileri, diğer tüm yazılara sayfanın üzerindeki MENÜ sekmesinden kolayca ulaşabilirsiniz

GUIDANCE & HELP during your walk and travel program

We will be pleased to help and guide your tour during your visit to Turkey and Lycian Way as well. Our site may be in Turkish but we are able to help and guide in English. 

It would take a long time to translate our blog and Lycian Way diaries so not to keep you waiting about details of the routes, any kind of query is appreciated from this end.

For any queries please do not hesitate to ask and we'll be glad to shed a light...

(My mobile number may be provided upon request)

Please bear in mind that all photos and articles in this blog are taken and written by ourselves. Photos can be used and referred with a kind permission.

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